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he EPF Secretariat executes the Annual Work Programme and works to support and inform the members.

Our staff is listed here below in alpabetical order, with details on main responsibilities: 

Kostas Aligiannis
Policy Officer

  • Support policy and advocacy work
  • Policy intelligence on relevant developments
  • EPF’s internal working groups and membership consultations

Elena Balestra
Membership & Capacity Building Officer

  • Capacity-Building programme
  • Membership engagement
  • Membership growth

Nicola Bedlington
Secretary General

  • Leadership, direction and guidance
  • Main spokesperson
  • High level representation and liaison with partners

Mathieu Boudes
PARADIGM Coordinator

  • Coordinating the PARADIGM consortium
  • Facilitating mindset change within and out the PARADIGM consortium
  • Representing PARADIGM at conferences & events

Camille Bullot
Director of Operations & Engagement

  • Coordination of Operations
  • Cooperation with EPF Partners
  • Capacity-Building programme

Danielle Flores
Project Officer


  • EPF Youth Group
  • Projects coordination

Katie Gallagher
Policy Adviser

  • Policy and advocacy
  • Strategy on Access
  • Non-discrimination and social inclusion, medical devices, eHealth and data protection

Letizia Gambini 
Communciations Manager

  • Comms strategy
  • Press relations
  • Content management


Žilvinas Gavėnas
IT Coordinator

  • IT management and planning
  • Servers maintenance
  • IT solutions
Sara Gayarre

Sara Gayarre
Communications Officer

  • Web & Social media content
  • EPF thematic campaigns
  • Comms for Events, Projects & Membership

Kaisa Immonen
Director of Policy

  • Strategic & policy agenda
  • EU institutions & stakeholders
  • Patient empowerment, patient safety, quality of care and cross-border healthcare

Matthew May
EUPATI Coordinator

  • Financial management
  • Coordination of the operational teams
  • Coordination and support of the governance committees

Lyudmil Ninov
Project Officer

  • Summer Training for Young Patient Advocates
  • Horizon2020
  • Project support

Valentina Strammiello
Programme Manager

  • Horizon 2020
  • HTA
  • EPF Youth Group

Brendan Togher
Financial Manager

  • Financial Issues and Support
  • Grant Management
  • PACT

Ruth Tchaparian
Office Coordinator

  • Office management
  • Information management
  • Management support

Anna Trzcinska
Events Officer

  • EPF meetings
  • Events
  • Travel management