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EPF Training module on Transparency & Ethics

Time 19/09/2016 09:00 - 21/09/2016 00:00
Location Brussels (B)
Organizer European Patients' Forum

Event organisation: Véronique Tarasovici (

Programme & applications: Camille Bullot (

Ethics and transparency are an absolute priority for patient organisations. Indeed, their intrinsic nature and the complex external environment with potential and/or perceived conflict of interests they evolve in demand a high degree of integrity and accountability. 

This need for transparency applies across all of the organisation’s activities, from membership criteria and governance rules, to their cooperation agreements, through their financial resources.

But what are the formal rules you need to fulfil, and what are the processes to implement and monitor them in your organisation?

This training module aims at reviewing transparency and ethics guidelines for patient organisations, through the exchange and building of good practices. It will also be the opportunity to initiate a collective reflection within EPF on the ways for patient organisations to increase their credibility and strengthen their position on the public health scene.

Objectives of the module

  • To develop a common understanding of what constitutes an ethically sound patient organisation and the legitimacy criteria patient organisations should fulfil;
  • To reflect on the accountability of patient organisations, and how to demonstrate it;
  • To establish guidelines and principles for cooperating with other stakeholders, with a focus on donors


  • Baseline assessment: A baseline assessment will be conducted by the trainers to understand where the participating organisations stand and adapt the face-to-face training accordingly.

  • Face-to-face training (19-21 September, to be confirmed): the face-to-face training will be structure around 3 main building blocks:
    • Module 1 - Enhancing the legitimacy and integrity of patient organisations;
    • Module 2 - Cooperating with the private and public sector: putting ethics first;
    • Module 3 - transparency: communicating who you are and how you work;

  • Report on implementation strategy of key learningsEach participating organisation will produce a report on how they intend to implement key learnings in their own organisation.

Eligibility Criteria


  • EPF membership: the organisation should be a member of EPF;

  • Commitment: The organisation must commit to complying with the highest standards of transparency and accountability. The organisation shall ensure that learning, outputs, and outcomes of this training programme are effectively upheld by the governing body of the organisation.


  • Endorsement by the organisation: the participant must be nominated by an organisation member of EPF;

  • Profile: the participant must have responsibilities related to either: governance of their organisation or fundraising;

  • Availability: the organisation’s representative must be available for the proposed training date (19-21 September, to be confirmed);

  • Active participation: the participant must commit to fulfilling all requirements arising from the participation in this training programme which shall include:
    • A) providing information to contribute to the baseline assessment as requested by the trainers,
    • B) attending the full face to face training,
    • C) applying learning acquired during the module within the organisation

How to apply? 

Interested? To apply, please send the following documents to Camille Bullot, Membership & Stakeholder Relations Manager ( by 17 June 2016 COB.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Application form duly completed;
  • CV of the nominated participant;
  • Motivation letter (included in the application form) indicating:
    • Your organisation’s motivation to participate in this module;
    • Your expectations from the training;
    • How you intend to apply the learning within your organisation and cascade it down to your members;
    • Commitment form filled in: Endorsement by the Board and political commitment to undertake work on ethics and transparency.

More information

More information is available in the concept note that you can download below.

If you have any question, please contact Camille Bullot, EPF Membership & Stakeholder Relations Manager (