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EPF Conference on Patient & Family Empowerment for Better Patient Safety

Time 08/11/2016 10:00 - 09/11/2016 16:00
Location Brussels
Organizer European Patients' Forum

Véronique Tarasovici

+32 2 280 2334

Patients have a fundamental right to expect their care to be safe. Yet, improving safety of healthcare remains a formidable challenge: health-care related adverse events occur in around 8-12% of hospitalisations, and a 2006 Eurobarometer survey showed that 23% of respondents had been directly affected by medical error, 18% had experienced a serious error in a hospital, and 11% had been prescribed the wrong medication.

Could patient and family empowerment help improve these figures? To ensure care services are designed around patients’ needs, patient involvement is necessary at all levels in the system. However, in the area of safety, there are specific challenges that need to be addressed.  

The EPF conference “Patient and family empowerment for better patient safety” will explore these issues, including:

  • The ethics of patient involvement in safety: taking responsibility or being burdened with responsibility?
  • Challenges for patient empowerment and involvement in acute care settings
  • Challenges for healthcare professionals: is a fundamental culture change needed?
  • Communication: a risk factor or an opportunity to improve safety?

The conference will provide a platform for discussion of these and other issues in depth, with speakers and contributors from a number of different viewpoints: patients, family members, healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers. The outcomes of this conference will form the basis for the development of a set of “core competencies” for patients and families to involve them in the area of patient safety.

Final programme


Practical information

Who? Criteria to participate are available here.

Good working knowledge of English is mandatory to allow for active participation and interaction.

When? 8-9 November 2016

Where? Hotel Bloom, Brussels

How? Registrations closed

Please note that only online registrations have been confirmed due to limited number of places.

For Speakers and representatives of Patients' organisations only:
EPF will cover all expenses related to the participation at the conference of patients representatives. This includes accommodation for up to two nights (if needed), catering and economy travel in line with our reimbursement policy.