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Patient Solidarity Day

Time 05/12/2015
Location Worldwide
Organizer International Alliance of Patients' Organisations

International Alliance of Patients' Organisations at


On 5 December 2015, patients around the world will raise awareness on a pressing healthcare issue to mark Patient Solidarity Day. This is a unique opportunity for patients, patients’ groups and others to stand together and raise awareness that healthcare is a human right which must be reflected at every level of healthcare. This year’s theme is “Healthcare is a human right”.


The International Association of Patients' Organisations (IAPO) joins its members on Patient Solidarity Day to raise awareness of the rights of patients and patient-centred healthcare throughout the world. EPF supports IAPO and patient communities worldwide in their efforts.

Key messages about Patient Solidarity Day:

  • Healthcare is a human right.
  • We should all have access to the healthcare we need.
  • Good quality, affordable care without fear of discrimination. This is our human right. 
  • Decision-makers should respect, protect and fulfil the rights of patients.
  • Systems should be designed and services delivered to meet the needs of patients.

Show your suport!

You can show your support using as much or as little time and resources as you can spare. Find out more information and ideas on how to get engaged in the Patient Solidarity Day handbook (below) and on IAPO's website here

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