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Good practices on patient empowerment

As part of the EPF Patient Empowerment Campaign, we are collecting information on good practices that aim to promote patient empowerment at different levels and to gather more evidence on activities that are already happening in Europe.

To go to the data collection form click here.


What is the objective of collecting information on good practices?
The objective of collecting information and good practices on patient empowerment is to enable EPF to gather more evidence on the good practices that are already happening in different parts of Europe, initiated by different stakeholders. Eventually, we aim to share the information via an online repository, as inspiration for others who may wish to take action.

What kind of practices are we looking for?
This form can be used to submit good practices initiated by any stakeholders – patients/patient organisations, medical or other health professionals, and others such as academia or commercial organisations. You can either submit a practice that your own organisation has initiated, or a practice that you know of initiated by someone else. 

Examples could be: 

  • a patient organisation could submit their country’s new policy to install a patient ombudsman;
  • a professional organisation could submit their own initiative to partner better with patients;
  • a pharmaceutical company could submit their new policy of having all clinical trial protocols reviewed by patients;
  • a patient organisation could submit their own campaign for a patient involvement in national health policy. 

How will we use the information?

The information collected will be evaluated and may be included in a repository open to the public on our website. We will use this material in our communications materials and in our advocacy vis-a-vis decision-makers at European and national levels.

At the end of this form we ask for your contact details in order to give EPF representatives the opportunity to contact you if additional information is required in relation to your experience. Your contact details will not be made public unless you specifically agree to it.

How long is going to take you to complete this form?
Completing this form should take you no more than 30 minutes. You can save the form as a draft and access it from your computer on many occasions until the content is completed and then submit by pressing the "Done" button.

If you would like to include information on several good practices, please complete a new form for each practice.

A final word
Please follow the instructions in the form below and complete as many sections as possible.
If you need additional information about the good practice collection form, clarifications on the content, feedback on the form itself or any other information, please do not hesitate to mailto: contact

Thank you in advance for your contribution. We appreciate your willingness to participate.

Kind regards,
The EPF team