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CBCH Bulgaria - Registration

1. Make your online registration available in the invitation (including arrival and departure dates for hotel booking);

2. After the deadline of registrations you will receive a confirmation including a link of EPF online travel agency if you need to book a flight;

3. If you travel by plane you will make your booking via EPF travel agency (see item 2) this way EPF will be directly charged for the cost of flight booking.

4. For other transport than flight you will need to use your own agency. You will be able to claim the reimbursement of your travel with the reimbursement form only after the event.

5. Please don’t book your travel before receiving the confirmation of your registration

6. EPF will take care of hotel reservation and will adapt your stay according to your travel;

The deadline to register is 10 March 2015.
For more information please contact Véronique Tarasovici at or +32 (0) 2 280 23 34.