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2020 AGM and Leadership meeting

This year again, the AGM will provide you with the opportunity to share your experiences and views and reflect on EPF’s development and your role therein. 

When? 25-26 April 2020

Due to logistical circumstances, and in order to enable representatives from volunteer-based member organisations to attend, this time, the AGM is taking place over the weekend.

EU Thon Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

Who can attend? 
EPF members only! Due to the scope of this meeting, please note that participation is specifically reserved to the organisations’ high-level representatives (one representative per organisation).

How to register?
EPF will reimburse travel and subsistence costs in line with our travel and reimbursement policy.pdf. Please do check this document when registering.

Please note that registration will open shortly.

Deadline to register: 21 February 2020

On the programme: Road towards our Strategic Plan 2021-2026

The first day of our programme will be an occasion to look at our collective accomplishments of the past year and to further develop together our Strategic Plan (2021-2026). We will also look at our 2020 Work Plan, and with a longer-term perspective, explore how we can ensure the visibility and the sustainability of our movement in the years to come.

Leadership Meeting: Focus on Digital health!

On the second day of our meeting, we will focus on the topic of digital health.

Ask any two people what digital health really mean, and you are likely to get three different answers, and at the same time the patient community is often asked to contribute to the conversation. During the Leadership Meeting we will investigate the what, the how and the why of digital health and we will exchange views and work together to design the patients’ community messages to ensure that patient needs are at the centre of the debate. 

We will elect five Board members. If your organisation is a full member of EPF and wishes to nominate a representative to the Board, please complete and return the nomination form by 10 March. You can read about the general responsibilities of Board members here.

Please note that applicant organisations to be endorsed at the AGM that meet the criteria for full membership are also eligible to put forward a nomination.

We will elect EPF Ethics Committee consisting of five members. If your organisation is a member of EPF and wishes to nominate a representative to the committee, please complete and return the nomination form by by 10 March. You can read about the general responsibilities of Ethics Committee members here.

View full preliminary agenda here.