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#EuropeForPatients builds momentum and increases its political support

EPF is campaigning for the 2019 EU elections, to bring patient involvement and access to healthcare at the heart of the EU agenda. Recently, European Commissioner for Health Vytenis Andriukaitis publicly endorsed the five messages we are promoting with our EU elections manifesto:

  1. Accessing the healthcare we need with no discrimination
  2. Being empowered
  3. Driving the development of digital health
  4. Being a partner in driving better research
  5. Helping make better health policy

 In addition to this tremendous support, over 30 (candidate) MEPs have so far endorsed our #europeforpatients campaign. Discover who they are here

In addition, the European Patients’ Forum and our members celebrated World Health Day (7 April), the theme of which this year was Universal Health Coverage, by strongly backing the WHO’s call on world leaders and policy makers to ensure that all groups can access the care they need, when they need it. Given the current challenging political environment, and with the European elections around the corner accompanied by the possibility of less meaningful EU action on health post-2020, re-emphasizing this message was even more crucial.

Want to join forces and help us ensure better and stronger health policy at EU level? There are many ways you can get involved!

Help us spread our manifesto to MEPs, national MEP candidates, health experts, and other supporters in your country! Our manifesto is now available in Greek, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Slovak, and Maltese.

Are you or do you know a candidate, actor in the health sector or a personality who would be interested in publicly supporting our campaign? Contact us at and we will provide you with a card for the supporters to sign! Once this is done we will provide them with adequate visibility and add them to our supporters’ page.

Last but not least, don’t forget to support the European Parliament’s #ThisTimeImVoting initiative: aimed at actively engaging with local communities to encourage all citizens to vote at the upcoming European elections!