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Latest Highlights


Report on the Added Value of Patient Organisations

EPF has publised a report to highlight the value of patient organisations as legitimate stakeholders in civil dialogue in health-related policies.



Taking Action - A Roadmap to Achieving Universal Health Coverage for All by 2030




Factsheet on Clinical Trials

EPF has issued a new factsheet on Clinical Trials, explaining what they are, why they matter to patients, and what EPF is advocating for. 


EPF Annual Report 2016

Click here for the ENGLISH version

EPF Campaign on Access to Healthcare - Leaflet

EPF has published a new leaflet featuring all information about the campaign: definition, dimension, objectives and policy areas.

It's available in A4 and as an infographic.  


EPF Toolkit - Building National Coalitions of Patient Organisations

The publication is available in English.


EPF Leaflet

EPF has issued a new leaflet featuring information about the organisation and its main strategic goals. 



Thematic Factsheets - 2016

EPF has produced three new thematic factsheets in line with our policy priorities: Medical Devices, HTA and Equity at Work.