HTA Seminar 2010 Presentations

Please find below presentations from the HTA seminar in the order they were presented:Final Programme
 Presentation - Involvement of Patients in HTA, Andrzej Rys.ppt

 Presentation - HTA, A Helicopter View, Jean Mossmann.ppt

 Presentation - A Health Professional's Perspective, Michael Wilks.ppt

 Presentation - Policy Challenges in HTA in Europe, The Impact on Patient Access, Andrea Rappagliosi.ppt

 Presentation - HTA Cooperation in the EU, Jerome Boehm.ppt

 Presentation - EUnetHTA Joint Action 2010-2012, Iris Pasternack.ppt

 Presentation - HTA Assessment - A DocPat Alternative View, Albert Jovell .ppt


Please find below the workshop presentations with conclusions and recommendations:

Workshop 1: The Science and Methodologies Behind HTA, Diversity and Commonality Accross the EU

 Main Presentation Workshop 1.ppt

 Conclusions Workshop 1.ppt

Workshop 2: The Politics of HTA at EU and National Level - How Can Patient Groups Best Get Involved

 Workshop 2 - Conclusions.ppt

Workshop 3: Applying the Value+ Model on Patient Involvement in HTA Processes

 Workshop 3 - Main Presentation.ppt

 Workshop 3 - Conclusions.ppt