EPF has developed a strategic approach to our involvement in projects, which carefully defines our criteria for engagement. EPF’s current project portfolio, and prospective project involvement act as a cross-cutting platform which underpins our advocacy, education and communication pillars. Our aim is to maintain a relevant and impactful project portfolio, which:

  • is strongly aligned to our EPF key values, strategic goals and priority topics to the patient community;
  • has a demonstrable link with our advocacy and/ or educational objectives;
  • is open to co-create a meaningful role for Patient Organisations through early engagement in the proposal phase, and throughout implementation;
  • provides a framework for member organisations to join forces with EPF and increase their direct participation  and collaboratively ensure meaningful patient involvement in projects;
  • and provides an adequate allocation of resources to enable meaningful contribution.

Get in touch

To get in touch about one of our ongoing or completed projects, or if you would like to reach out about a future collaboration, please send a message to: