CBHC EU conference - Expression of interest

Criteria for Participation for patient representatives

The criteria for participating are:

• Ability to work and communicate well in English (both written and verbally);
• Member of a representative membership-based patient organisation;
• Capacity to transfer learning and knowledge to peers within the organisation and their networks (ideally a board representative, director, policy or communication specialist within the organisation); • Familiarity with the cross-border healthcare legislation (e.g. through attending an EPF regional conference).

Participants must commit themselves to: 
• Familiarising themselves with any pre-conference reading materials;
• Actively participating and engaging with representatives of NCPs;
• Disseminating the conference outcomes within their organisations and networks;
• Becoming a member of the informal network of patient leaders on cross-border healthcare and being willing to interact regularly with national contact points in future;
• Giving feedback on the impact of the directive over the next years.

2015 CBHC EU Conference - expression of interest  PERSONAL DETAILS   
I am interested to represent my CBHC country network at the CBHC EU conference organised in Brussels on 2 July (Mandatory)
   A thank you message should be seen following the submission of this form. If you don't see such a message this means that one of the mandatory field (marked with a *) is not filled. Please check.  For any question don't hesitate to contact the event organisers at veronique.tarasovici@eu-patient.eu