URGENT! CHRODIS Joint Action: Call for patients and multi-morbidity experts

In the framework of the Joint Action on Chronic Diseases, EPF is launching a call for patients and multi-morbidity experts to be involved in a Delphi Panel on the identification of best practices. 

If you are interested, please let us know by the end of the week (23 January).

About the Delphi Panel Process

The Delphi consultation is intended to provide a structured basis to establish expert consensus about the adequacy of a list of criteria to assess practices in health promotion and prevention of chronic diseases (particularly cardiovascular, stroke and diabetes conditions).

 The Role of the Experts

The job of the experts participating in the Delphi panel is:

  1. To review the initial list of criteria and individually allocate a score (1 to 9) to each item in two subsequent rounds of online consultation using an easy to fill in questionnaire;
  2. Based on the results of the two online rounds, the panel will hold a face-to-face meeting, where discussions will be steered to:
    • Reach agreement on the final list of relevant items for practice assessment
    • Set the scale for valuation within each agreed item (establishing categories or levels “the good, the better and the best”)
    • Attach a relative weight to each of those agreed items (how relevant each should be when assessing a practice)

The resulting set of assessment criteria will be used in building the evaluation tools for practices within the CHRODIS knowledge platform, which is expected to become a pivotal reference for good practices assessment in Europe. Given the intended impact of the results of this consultation, the experts participating should contribute enough scientific and knowledge authority, so their reputation would lend legitimacy to the process and the resulting criteria set

How to apply?

Candidates will need to present:

  • Professional background and area of expertise
  • If possible a CV (2 page max)
  • Country of reference (nationality not necessarily matches the country where the experts’ activity and knowledge has mainly developed)

If you are interested, please contact EPF Project Officer Valentina Strammiello (valentina.strammiello@eu-patient.eu). 


The actual Delphi Panel process is scheduled to commence in June-July 2015 and planned to finish with a face-to-face meeting in July-August 2015. Travel and accommodation costs for the experts will be reimbursed.

More information

For more information, please contact EPF Project Officer Valentina Strammiello (valentina.strammiello@eu-patient.eu).