Good practices on patient empowerment to inspire our “5 Es” campaign!

At EPF we believe that real-life situations that contribute to patient empowerment should play an important role to demonstrate that patients are active people who can, if supported and according to their individual capabilities and situation, make a difference for the sustainability of healthcare systems.

As part of "Patients prescribe E5 for sustainable health systems” campaign, we are collecting information on good practices – activities that aim to promote patient empowerment at different levels.

 What is the objective of collecting information on good practices?

The objective of collecting information and good practices on patient empowerment is to enable EPF to gather more evidence on the good practices that are already happening in different parts of Europe, initiated by different stakeholders. Eventually, we aim to share the information via an online repository, as inspiration for others who may wish to take action.

How to contribute?

Good practices are collected through an easy-to-complete form that provides you with guidance on main information related to patient empowerment practice – the link is included below:

The entire process to complete the form should take you no more than 30 minutes. 

We aim at collecting good practices for a few months, but sooner you include a practice, bigger are chances to gain more visibility and make the practice  an inspirational experience.  

Thank you very much!