Have a say on the EPF position on the cross-border healthcare directive

This EPF draft position paper has been developed in response to the Commission's recent implementation report on evaluative study on the cross-border healthcare directive. Our views are based on the outcomes of our regional seminars with patient representatives across the EU during the last 2 years, as well as EPF's established position on cross-border healthcare.

This is the second round of consultations. The proposed position takes into account feedback received. 

Please note that this is a draft position and therefore it should not be circulated outside of your organisation!

Your contribution!

There are some questions remaining especially in the area of rare diseases, where we would really appreciate your support. 

You are invited to respond to the consultation by Monday 29 February 2016. Please feel free to add comments, experiences and other information relevant to your country at this point.

If you do not wish to respond (for reasons of capacity or other priorities) or if you support EPF's position “a priori“ it would be very useful if you could send us a note to indicate that.

Please send your responses to policy@eu-patient.eu

Thank you!