EMSP promotes employment for young people with MS

EPF member the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is committed to improve life of people with MS, and is now involved in a programme aiming to provide a practical solution for young people. 

EMSP Believe and Achieve programme makes internships available to young people with MS within businesses committed to transforming the working life of young people. Ten young people have already experienced professional benefits available within two corporate partners, Novartis and Biogen Idec.

Young people with MS who are able to work want to be assessed for their education, skill and abilities first. EMSP encourages other organisations and companies to give young people an outlet for their unique talent to continue on a path to greater employment prospects and a better life.

Emma Hughes from Ireland shares what the Believe and Achieve internship has meant to her professional life:

Having MS and holding down full time employment can be difficult for various reasons including fatigue, mobility and medications. I have always valued the importance of work and this internship reinforced this to me. This internship has given me stability and helped me to strive for a healthier work/life balance, something I continue to practise. It has kept my brain challenged and continuously adapting to learning new skills. It has also provided me with financial security.

Lots of employers are open to discovering new talent pools while also upholding essential business models as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and equal opportunities. 

To know more

Contact Emma Rogan emma.rogan@emsp.org for further information and to discuss your workplace health policies. 

Believe and Achieve website: http://believeandachieve.life/