Help us to collect wider support for the MEPs' Statement on #EU4Health!

The publication of the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” earlier this year raised concerns among patients and health stakeholders over the future of EU cooperation in healthcare and demanded in an Open Letter to President Junker stronger EU action, cooperation, leadership and expertise.

We are delighted that the co-chairs of MEP Interest Group on Access also support our efforts!

In an official statement, circulated among fellow MEPs, they call for enhanced EU cooperation and proactive engagement on behalf of EU institutions to ensure that health is taken as an indispensable priority of immense added value for the EU citizens.

In their statement, they ask other MEPs to co-sign the statement and thus, take a role in shaping the Europe of tomorrow in line with the demands of the Europeans who want to see the EU doing more in healthcare (Eurobarometer survey, 2017). For your reference, please find here the appeal that was sent along with the statement in the body of the e-mail.

In this regard, we turn to you – our partners and friends, to support the efforts of the MEPs and actively approach the MEPs that you collaborate with to request their support for the statement that they received last week. Additionally, please distribute our message to your wider network and national affiliates to ensure they also take the opportunity to address MEPs.

Should they want to do so, MEPs must respond by 14.00 on Tuesday, 12 September on time for an official release before President Junker’s State of the Union address (13 September).

Considering the short timeline, your contribution to collect wider support among MEPs is absolutely crucial!

We rely on your proactive role in favour of stronger and healthier European Union!