Save the Date - "Sustainable Health Systems through Evidence-based Guidelines on Improving Health Literacy"

The IROHLA Consortium (Intervention Research into Health Literacy of the Ageing population) invites you to participate to its closing Conference: "Sustainable Health Systems through Evidence-based Guidelines on Improving Health Literacy".

When? 17th November 2015 from 14:00 - 17:00. 

Where? at the Management Centre Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

Conference's objectives

The purpose of the conference is to present and debate Health Literacy Guidelines for Policy and Practice. As European populations are ageing and developing more and more costly chronic conditions, there is a strong need for effective interventions, which make the health systems more sustainable.

Health literacy is a crucial asset for empowering people, enabling decision-making for maintaining health or regaining it. Health literacy improves communication between patients and health professionals and enhances management of one’s own disease and compliance with medical plans. It supports the understanding of prevention and health promotion. Health literacy is a very important component of healthy ageing for the European population and therefore a contributing factor to more sustainable health systems.

The Health Literacy Guidelines for Policy and Practice developed in the IROHLA project are based on an evidenced-based framework and on validated interventions and best practices. The aim of the conference is to discuss the various opportunities for implementing these guidelines.


The speakers will include high-level participants from the European Parliament, the European Commission, Ministries of Health from the Member States and several European health and client organisations. 

How to register?

In order to register, please follow this link:

About the IROHLA Project

The IROHLA project is a European project under the FP7 programme incorporating 20 consortium partners from 10 European countries from science, public health, civil society and business communities. 

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