Public consultation on strengthening EU cooperation on HTA

Based on the views captured within our membership, EPF response to the public consultation calls for mandatory participation with mandatory uptake of joint work.

After 10 years or more of collaboration on HTA at EU level, we believe it is time for Member States to “run the extra mile” and commit to a more integrated work on HTA. Similar to the experience with the regulatory process at EU level, also HTA can be more integrated to the benefit of civil society and public health systems.

Advantages would include:

  • Inclusion of patient and societal aspects in all assessments;
  • a reduction in the fragmentation of information at national/local level;
  • more reliable and agreed methodology and procedural rules that would ensure a structured patient involvement;
  • more efficient and timely HTA process;
  • reduced duplication and therefore costs of assessments for Member States;
  • mitigation of inequalities in access to high-quality healthcare in EU countries.

We do not see any disadvantage for patients but we acknowledge full HTA with mandatory uptake would bring more complexity to the healthcare systems, at least in the first instance and a transitional period would be needed. This implies considerable political will, leadership and systems’ readiness for change.

More information

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