Safe Motherhood Week

The Safe Motherhood Week is a community initiative with organisations, medical experts and industry partners joining their efforts to raise awareness on the gap in maternity care. (

Share your work on maternal and child care

The organisation leading on this initiative, the Synergist, is currently working to profile individuals and organisations who are working to make a difference for pregnant women and mothers in Europe (primarily) and beyond.

In the context of the first ever Safe Motherhood Week to happen in Europe between 28 September and 4 October, the Synergist is looking for patient organisations who would like to tell about the work they are doing around improving maternal and child care.


Are you working on maternity and child care? Contact Nicholas, from the Synergist, to schedule a quick interview:

Background about the Safe Motherhood Week

The Safe Motherhood Week Initiative’s assumption is that challenges related to mothers’ accessibility to healthcare and quality of care are all rooted under the same overarching issue: the struggle of our society and its systems to deliver appropriate care to mothers.

This issue is a blind spot in Europe and the leaders of this initiative see an opportunity to create a dedicated happening to address and shine a light on the importance of safe motherhood. They seek to gather all related initiatives and causes together so that we can collectively create a better environment to challenge the status quo in maternal health. By coming together, this will help existing initiatives get more visibility, benefit from synergies with other programs and secure the response they need from their target audiences to deliver stronger impact.

The Safe Motherhood Week aims to:

  •  Highlight the importance of addressing safe motherhood as one collective issue
  • Give more visibility to the “heroes” of safe motherhood
  • Bring together existing organizations and individuals working on all aspects of maternal health and emphasize the need for continued collaboration
  • Help create evidence that there is gap in care for mothers in Europe, and eventually other geographies, today.