Salzburg Global Seminar 2017: Toward a Shared Culture of Health

Seminar: Toward a Shared Culture of Health: Enriching and Charting the Patient-Clinician Relationship


The Salzburg Global Seminar is a five-day meeting with a strong focus on the individual patient-clinician relationship. The seminar aims to aggregate perspectives and experiences in order to create new approaches to empower individuals and enhance health systems. It will also look for different ways to develop and record the journey through health and illness that every individual experiences.

Program Goals:

  • To equip teams of individuals from different nations with new insights and tools that will inform action plans and help them take leadership roles in their own countries as self-care and medical records continue to evolve and transform care;
  • To disseminate insights gained through widely read social media and publications that have the attention of a broad range of health professionals, patients and laypersons, including a series of papers to stimulate global progress in care.

When & Where?

10-16  March, 2017 in Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria

Who can participate?

Participants will be selected from diverse countries. There will be teams formed by a cross-sectoral mix of health professionals, providers, policy makers, patients, commentators and journalists, and representatives of communities and civil society, who are leaders and change agents and have demonstrated creativity and the ability to stretch traditional boundaries.

Participants will be supported by a panel of experts from a broad range of domains, including medical practitioners, the arts and humanities, the media, informatics, health policy and research.

Note: There is some scholarship funding available to support attendance

More information….

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