Get to know the work of the European Medicines Agency through the "EMA Basics"!

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has announced an update to its webpages dedicated to Patients and Consumers.

EMA Basics: get to know the activities of the EMA!

The aim was to update the content, highlight existing helpful information as well as to launch an ongoing series entitled ‘EMABasics’ in the Training and resources section.

As the name implies the "EMABasics" are a series of short voice-over presentations about the activities of the EMA. Currently there are 6 online (along with downloadable pdfs of the slides and text); these include:

  • The European Medicines Agency
  • The centralised procedure
  • Involvement of patients
  • The Patients’ and Consumers’ Working Party
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • How the EMA works with healthcare professionals

You can access them here.

Other videos are currently under preparation: document review, conflict of interest, biosimilars…

Access materials from previous workshops and training sessions

In theTraining and resources section, you will also be able to find links to previous workshops and previous training sessions.

Other features of interest include a direct link to the PCWP pages (also found under the working party section in the committees pages) as well as the link to the meetings page.

With these updates, the EMA hopes to facilitate your use of the patient/consumer related pages of the EMA website and also provide some interesting information.

Please feel free to share this with your members and colleagues.

Do you have any ideas for future Basics?

If you have comments on the new webpages or suggestions for future "EMA Basics" video, let us know! We will forward your feedback to the EMA (