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Our vision is that all patients with chronic and/or lifelong conditions in the EU have access to high quality, patient-centred equitable health and social care. There is an urgent need to identify effective and concrete actions at EU level to close the current gap on health inequalities, so that all patients across Europe have access to high-quality, affordable treatments.

Key Steps


In September 2020 EPF published a position paper on the Pricing and Value of Innovative Medicines and responded to the to the European Commission’s Public consultation on the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy.


In June 2016, EPF published a statement outlining the nine core principles from the patients' perspective on the value and pricing of innovative medicines. The statement can be consulted here.

Contact: Kaisa Immonen, Director of Policy.

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  • EPF welcomes Europe's New Pharmaceutical Strategy

    The European Patients’ Forum welcomes the Commission’s new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, presented earlier this week. In our view, a main strength of the strategy is that it is centred around patients’ needs, with accessibility and affordability of medicines at the core.
  • EPF responds to the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy Consultation

    The European Patients' Forum is pleased to release our recent response to the European Commission's consultation on the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy. We believe that embedding meaningful patient involvement in everything that affects the patients'
  • EPF Publishes Position Paper on ‘The Value and Pricing of Innovative Medicines’ (01/07/2020)

    All patients in the EU have a right to access high-quality, patient-centred care in a timely manner. However, there are concerns in Europe and globally that the cost of some new medicines is undermining health systems’ capacity to provide sustainable and equitable access for all.

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EPF Pharma Strategy Final.pdf