EU patient task force on nutrition

EPF initiated its work in the nutrition sphere in 2012/2013, with our contribution and endorsement of a book on patients and nutrition entitled ‘Patient Perspectives on Nutrition’. This book provided the stimulus for a Memorandum of Understanding between EPF, the European Nutrition and Health Alliance (ENHA), and the European Genetic Alliance Network EGAN, and commitment to collaborative activities to raise awareness on the nexus between nutrition and an effective, integrated care continuum for patients such as the Optimal Nutritional Care for All (ONCA) European campaign.

A recent milestone was the European Patients’ Conference on Nutrition which took place in June 2017. The recommendations from this conference made the bridge between more generic awareness activities to more strategic focused work to drive nutrition as intrinsic to patient outcomes.

Based on the outcomes of the June 2017 meeting mentioned above and in line with EPF’s position statement on information to patients on food and nutrition. EPF has set up an EU patient task force on information to patients on nutrition.


The aim of the task force is to develop comprehensive lay person summaries of recognised guidelines in the sphere of nutrition, in cooperation with learned societies and other stakeholders where appropriate. For patient advocates to be able to contribute their unique experience and expertise, it is crucial to understand key concepts and standards. The lay person summaries of recognised guidelines will be presented at the September 2018 Conference for Optimal Nutritional Care for All (ONCA).

The task force also has the broader objective of raising awareness of the role of nutrition and diet in managing chronic and long-term conditions.

Furthermore, the task force serves as a forum for different patient organisation to share their work, relevant initiatives and exchange and explore other priorities and actions linked to the topic of information to patients on nutrition.

This task force, facilitated and co-led by EPF and EGAN, is made up of volunteers from the EPF membership as well as other EU patient organisations.