Research from the Field

Covid. The commitment of patient associations: a national survey and a participation space (05/06/2020)

The role of the associations has proved essential in this emergency and the new governance system of the NHS in the aftermath of Covid-19 cannot leave aside mechanisms of integration and representation capable of giving voice to this subject. Hence the need to gather this experience to build a concrete design of structured participation of patient associations at the national and regional institutional level. Read full article (available in Italian) >>>

The toll beyond the COVID-19 deaths (14/04/2020)

As citizens in most countries follow the emotionally charged Covid-19 media coverage, which may itself be having an adverse effect on public health, the case for solidarity on shielding, social distancing, lockdown, and increased surveillance has largely been accepted. This blogpost assesses the wider health impact of the pandemic. Read Full Article>>>

The views of patients and the public should be included in policy responses to Covid-19 (30/03/2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people’s lives around the globe and testing the resilience of health systems and social cohesion. Decision makers are trying to put in place effective control measures in an environment that is changing rapidly. The emphasis on maintaining universal health coverage and leaving no one behind is welcome (WHO). This opinion piece highlights that patients and our communities are a critical partner in or out of crisis and in the quest towards more equitable, sustainable and resilient health systems. Read full article>>>

Disabled People have Unique Perspectives on Solitude (25/03/2020)

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all becoming intimately acquainted with solitude. One facet of this has been some interesting discussions with the disability community. Various claims are made for disabled people’s unique attitudes and approaches to the practice and art of being alone. Read full article>>>