EPF Final Consultation on Defining Access

EPF is launching a second consultation on a draft position on defining and measuring access to healthcare. The position paper was developed with the working group on access. The first consultation was held in September/October.

Why a position paper on defining and measuring access to healthcare?

Equitable access to healthcare is a key priority for EPF as illustrated by our Strategic plan 2014-2020.

A patient led definition of access is important in order to set objectives to improve access to healthcare in the EU that are relevant to patients who are affected and bear the cost of health inequalities and access barriers. It is also important to develop indicators that reflect accurately the situation of patients in the EU.

This position paper will contribute to building our future advocacy on access, and the definition will be the basis for a survey on access to be carried out in 2016.

How to participate

You are welcome to comment on parts or all of the paper. Please send your comments by the 2nd December at the latest to laurene.souchet@eu-patient.eu . Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question related to this consultation.

Key questions we would need your views on include

  1. Whether you agree with the proposed definition developed with the EPF Access Working Group, or whether you believe anything should be added to it
  2. The International Alliance of Patient Organisations has adopted principles on universal health coverage available here. Should EPF endorse them?
  3. Do you agree with the recommendations for indicators on access? Do you have further recommendations?