OECD Survey: questions addressing patient reported experiences on safety

As you will be aware, EPF has developed contacts with the OECD during 2016.Dr Niek Klazinga kindly gave a presentation to the EPF patient empowerment working group last year, and he also participated in our conference on patient and family empowerment in patient safety. This is a welcome development, given the important partnership between the OECD and the European Commission to collect data to inform healthcare policy.

Whilst we will come back to you shortly with more information on your respective working groups, we wanted to give you now an opportunity to comment on a new initiative by the OECD on patient safety: the development of a core questionnaire on patient-reported incident measures or PRIMs.

In November 2016 the OECD Secretariat presented a preliminary list of 28 questions, identified through existing national and international surveys, and those questions were grouped in 3 domains: Prevention, Patient-reported Incidents, and Incident Management.

The OECD will now select a core set of 7 questions, which will be further developed to enable international comparison. For the selection of 7 core questions, they have developed a short survey, which asks you to score each of the 28 questions for relevance and actionability, and list the 7 questions you think as a set should be developed further.

Note: it is also possible to add other questions, however, they are aiming to work from questions that have already been empirically tested in at least one of the OECD countries.

By when?
If you would be interested in answering this survey – please do not consider it in any way obligatory – we would appreciate it if you could give your answers and input by email to policy@eu-patient.eu , by Monday 3 April end of the day. This will allow the Secretariat to put together a consolidated response.

Do not hesitate to come back to EPF if you have any questions about how to fill in the survey.

Many thanks for your input!