3rd phase of EPF Capacity Building Programme for Romania and Hungary

Picture: EPF Capacity Building Programme, Training session, Romania, February 2013 ©EPF

Romanian and Hungarian members have entered the 3rd phase of the EPF Capacity Building Programme. The Programme has also been rolled out in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Cyprus to build the capacities and advocacy skills of patients’ organisations at national and European levels.

Romania and Hungary

Romania and Hungary were the first two countries to complete the two first phases of the EPF Capacity Building Programme (CBP). The national patient representatives have now entered the third phase of the Programme which consists of training on fundraising.  It  will run until the end of 2015. 

These thematic modules are delivered as blended learning programmes of remote and face-to-face coaching. Participants will directly apply the learning and skills they acquired and implement a pilot project in the thematic area concerned.

The first phases the project focused more on strategic and operational planning respectively. One Romanian participant said: “Before the Programme, we were rather disorganised and we were talking about our activities for hours. Now we put in practice the working methods we have learned with the Programme and we are discussing with both feet on the ground, we are more realistic”.

Contact: EPF Senior Programme Officer, Walter Atzori (walter.atzori@eu-patient.eu).

European organisations prepare for the next training

Ten of our European Members are also preparing for training on communication and advocacy in September 2015. They will acquire more expertise and practical tools on how to make effective use of appropriate media and communication tools to support their advocacy work.

Last year they followed a session on how to diversify funding and create a viable financial structure – EPF has developed a toolkit on this topic.

More information: http://www.eu-patient.eu/Events/upcoming-events/cbp-strategic-communication-module/

Contact: Camille Bullot, EPF Membership Officer, camille.bullot@eu-patient.eu.