A strong Patients' Movement in Slovakia

EPF Director Nicola Bedlington led a workshop and participated in a national conference in Slovakia on 20 March 2013. The event explored how the Slovakian Patients’ community could become more knowledgeable and influential in their work at national and European levels. Cooperation with EPF was also at the heart of discussions.

Ms Bedlington provided series of examples from other member states to show how a unified national patients’ movement can influence the European scene. She explained how the outcomes of this collective work at European level can also be translated at national level.

EPF member organisation in Slovakia is the Association for the Protection of Patients’ Rights (APP). The organisation is under new leadership and is very committed to an active relationship with EPF. APP and their members will be participating in the EPF capacity building programme this year. A following activity will take place in the Slovakian Parliament later this year to which EPF will be invited to attend.
Please contact our Membership Officer Sara Bensaude De Castro Freire or our Director Nicola Bedlington if you need more information.