A video to understand the InterQuality project

How do we know whether a healthcare system is good? The InterQuality Project looks at to what extent it can deliver efficient, effective and equitable care. Watch the project on video to understand more how resources are spent in healthcare.

“In several countries of the European Union, resources are wasted because of poor management and governments are unable to reimburse innovative pharmaceuticals, buy new equipment, or shorten waiting lists. Spending more on healthcare often doesn’t result in improving quality and access to services. Therefore the key is to spend better!”, says Tomasz Hermanowski the project leader from the Medical University of Warsaw.

The knowledge gained from the project will provide models for Member States to choose the right financing mechanisms in the different areas of the health care system, according to their needs and possibilities. Ultimately it will try to demonstrate that, to get better quality, we don’t need to pay more: we need to pay smarter!

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For more information about the project, please visit this website: http://www.interqualityproject.eu/.

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 Watch it on video!