Blog: Patients have a unique insight

EPF talked Katie Murphy, one of the actresses featured in our 2014 campaign video, about our 2014 European Elections Campaign.  Katie lives daily with Cystic Fibrosis and was able to offer us some valuable insight into the real need for a stronger patients’ voice in Europe.

“Something which needs to be recognised across Europe is the need for access to high-quality healthcare and treatments for patients – in particular for people living with rare diseases. I could for instance benefit from a certain drug which could radically alter my health status. Unfortunately I was disappointed to hear that it is not going to be made available based on financial grounds”.

(Extract from her testimonial on EPF blog)

Please find Katie’s testimonial on our blog here:

As a patient advocate with Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Katie Murphy feels that the patients’ voice throughout Europe has not reached its potential in everyday life.  In her interview with us, she discusses the importance of incorporating patients‘ views into research and development of healthcare policy and treatment from the earliest stages. She also highlights the real-life consequences of health systems that have not considered patients from the outset.  The EPF campaign seeks to lay the foundations for a Europe where patients‘ voices—like Katie‘s-are valued, so that all patients can receive fair and equal healthcare treatment.