Capacity Building Programme: call for experts in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania!

Image to illustrate the Capacity Building ProgrammeEPF is launching a Capacity Building Programme for patient organisations in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. To that end EPF is currently looking for experts in strategic planning and organisational capacity in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. If this is your expertise and you are interested in submitting an offer for running the programme please refer to the documents annexed on the right hand column. The deadline for submitting an offer is 31 July 2012.The objective of this Programme is to strengthen the organisational and advocacy capacity of both Member State and European level Patients’ Organisations.  In 2012, 10 organisations from Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania will take part in the programme. The plan is to organise a strategic planning meeting per organisation to develop a strategic plan and run a needs’ assessment exercise.

If you know people with expertise in these areas who may be interested in submitting an offer we would be very grateful if you could share the information with them.