Careum Congress: What do patients want from policy-makers?

The Careum Congress 2014 took place on 17-18 March 2014 and provided a platform for over 300 participants from 22 countries to network and exchange ideas. Our Board Member Philip Chircop provided five key messages to answer the question “What do patients want from policy-makers?”“Patient power – is policy moving?” was the title of Mr Chircop’ session at the Careum Congress. He explained that the campaign and manifesto we have launched for the 2014 EU Elections highlight exactly to EU decision makers what are the key needs and demands of patients they would like them to commit to for the next five years.

“Care based on need not on means is not a reality for all. Existing disparities in access to healthcare are deepening as a result of austerity measures. Patients report higher out-of-pocket costs and problems of availability of treatments and services” he said.

“Policy-makers need to acknowledge the cost of health inequalities, which weigh heavily on society as a whole, and on individual patients’ lives. They need to shift their mindset from short-term cuts to investing in health. Investment in health is an investment in our fundamental values, in social cohesion, and in economic development. Reducing health inequalities is crucial for the overall health and wealth of society” he continued.

Five key innovation topics were actively discussed and expanded at the Careum Congress: Co-production, health citizenship; Research and Data; Health 3.0; Empowerment; and Living with chronic conditions, rare diseases and multi-morbidity.
The 2014 Congress was also the second conference of the European Network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE), in which EPF is a member. The main focus of the congress was on "The power of patients 3.0" and renowned experts highlighted patient-related innovations and solutions that will shape the future of our health system and centre on the patient.

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