Chain Of Trust: the closing conference

A final conference on 24 January 2013 in Brussels will close the EPF-led project Chain Of Trust started in January 2011. The main project findings and recommendations will be shared with the wide range of stakeholders as well as future strategies to take these forward. This will also be the occasion to increase your awareness in telehealth services and the user perspective.

The Chain Of Trust Project looked at assessing the perspective of the main end users of telehealth services across the EU to see whether and how views have evolved since the initial deployment of telehealth and what barriers there still are to building confidence in and acceptance of this innovative type of services. The paramount objective was to advance the empowerment of patients and health professionals in their understanding and effective use of telehealth services.

“After almost two years of intense work we are extremely satisfied and proud of the wealth of knowledge on user perspective we have managed to put together through this project. We are fully confident this knowledge could make an important contribution towards more user-centred telehealth policies and services”, concludes Liuska Sanna, manager of the project.

The following groups are strongly encouraged to attend the conference:

  • Users representatives (Patients, Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists)
  • eHealth and medical devices industry leaders
  • Representatives of international organisations
  • EU and national level policy makers
  • Representatives of regions and their organisations
  • Representatives of other health
  • ICT and and eHealth stakeholders
  • HTA agencies
  • Coordinators of other EU eHealth projects

The conference programme is a blend of plenary and parallel workshops enabling interactive debate and reflections which should lead to developing action plans for taking forwards the main project findings and recommendations by the various groups of telehealth stakeholders.

The “Save the Date” invitation and details are online and the detailed programme will be available soon.

You can already read the preliminary outcomes of the project online.