Conference on Equity of Access to Quality Healthcare

On 26 June 2013 a conference on “Equity of Access to Quality Healthcare” will take place at the European Parliament. The National Patients’ Organisation of Bulgaria (NPO), with the support of Dr. Andrey Kovatchev MEP and EPF’s collaboration, will tackle for the second time the issue of health inequalities. Access to healthcare is a fundamental citizen’s right. However health disparities still exist and are even more put at risk with the economic crisis and austerity measures. The conference will raise this issue with a particular emphasis on the new EU Members States.

This conference follows last year’s event on the same topic. It will be the occasion to present its outcomes as well as the resolution addressing the different challenges that was concluded. Moreover the conference will look into concrete and up-to-date data on the direct impact of inequalities on patients’ well-being thanks to the results of an in-depth survey conducted among patients’ organisations.

The conference will further explore opportunities to launch a new platform on “European Partnership for Equity of Access to Quality Healthcare”. The objective is to gather support from MEPs, policy makers, the European Commission and stakeholders to find solutions to overcome inequities.

To know EPF’s position regarding health inequalities, you can visit our page on this topic.

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