EPF changes logo

At our 2013 Annual General Meeting on 22 May 2013 we revealed our new logo while celebrating our ten years anniversary. This new visual identity reflects our commitment to a new strategic vision and goals for the future. This new logo comes into force as from today, 3 June 2013.

Our new logo reflects the evolution of our organisation and the changing role of patients. In ten years, EPF, with our members, has established a position as a key interlocutor with important stakeholders on health issues. In parallel, the patients’ role in healthcare has transformed. They are becoming active and engaged actors in the management of their own health.

The new logo mirrors this positive growth. It visualises three different and dynamic figures who gather together to shape a forum. Together they are empowered to become active players that make the voice of European patients heard widely and loudly. And all of them are equally included in this forum to demonstrate the need for equal access to healthcare, regardless of diversity or background.

The choice of colours was deliberate. Blue is the most prevalent colour in European affairs and represents trust and reliability. Green symbolises nature, wellbeing and good fortune. Crucially for us, these colours are contrasted enough to be accessible for visually impaired people.

The “European Patients Forum” is written in full to ensure a clear understanding of the EPF acronym. Finally the word “patients” is highlighted in bold to recall that patients should always be at the centre of issues affecting us.

The identity of EPF is the face of our organisation to the world. It conveys our ideals, motives and objectives — a sense of what we are all about. “Our appearance has evolved with time, but our essence remains: we are a strong patients’ voice to drive better health in Europe”, said EPF President Anders Olauson and EPF Director Nicola Bedlington about the change of logo.

For more information about the new logo and to download it as well as our visual chart, please follow this link.