EPF key role in Patient Safety and Quality of Care

The second coordination meeting of the Joint Action, “European Union Network on Patient Safety and Quality of Care” (PasQ) took place on 14-15 January in Berlin. EPF is a stakeholder partner in this three-year Joint Action and plays an active role in all of the core work packages, as well as dissemination. The objective of the second coordination meeting was to update partners on the progress within the project and establish further steps according to the work plan. The meeting also presented an excellent opportunity for networking among partners and exchanging information.

Cristina Padeanu, EPF Policy officer for the project represented EPF at the meeting and  presented the data collection process and clarified the roles of the various partners.  From November 2012 to February 2013, EPF is in charge of monitoring the data collection within WP 4 and WP6, which focus on gathering good practices in patient safety and quality management at the clinical and organisational levels, from all the countries participating in the joint action. EPF is playing a key role in ensuring that a significant number of practices are gathered, so that all the valuable experience from the participating countries and stakeholder groups is collected and used to inform  the next stages of the project.

EPF is seeking input from members on patient involvement

EPF as a stakeholder organisation also needs to provide input on good practices in patient safety and quality of care, and is currently gathering input from its member organisations. The internal consultation started in November 2012 and we need to receive feedback from members by 11 February 2013. We are particularly interested in any examples or case studies of patient involvement in the areas of patient safety and quality of care.

During 2013, EPF will also engage the membership in further work concerning WP 7 on “network sustainability”, where we are the task leader for patient involvement and empowerment and how to address this in the future European-wide collaboration network.

For more information on this project or on the data collection process, please contact Cristina Padeanu.

For further information on the joint action, please visit the project’s website at www.pasq.eu.