EPF present at the 4th European Patients’ Rights Day in the European Parliament

EPF was present at the 4th European Patients’ Rights Day 2010 conference which was celebrated in the European Parliament on May 6th.  The event, hosted by MEP Antonyia Parvanova and organised by Active Citizenship Network gathered approximately 100 representative of patients’ and citizens organisations and other healthcare stakeholders from across Europe interested in promoting European Patients’ Rights Day.  John Dalli, the European Commissioner of Health and Consumer Affairs gave an opening speech which fully supported the celebration of the European Patients’ Rights Day.

Several key MEPs reaffirmed their support for this initiative and committed to endorse a Written Declaration for the institutionalisation of the European Patients’ Rights Day.  The afternoon session was an opportunity to share innovative experiences regarding citizens and patient involvement. EPF gave a presentation of the Value+  work in promoting patient involvement in projects that will ultimately lead to more patient-centred policies.

Across the EU, in more than 100 European cities in 16 EU countries some 27 citizens and patients organisations organised their own events around Patients’ Rights Day to inform, discuss and take actions in improving patients’ rights in Europe and each Member State. A number of communication instruments were developed and launched to provide information to patients such as website, blogs, Facebook pages about patients rights, interactive questionnaires about humanising hospitals, TV spots and programmes discussing patients’ rights and more.