Guiding Principles for ethics and tranparency

EPF has been an active member of the Platform on Ethics and Transparency (DG Enterprise) set up as part of the Tajani Initiative on Corporate Responsibility in the field of Pharmaceuticals. They developed a list of Guiding Principles on promoting Good Governance in the Pharmaceutical Sector.The core task of the platform was to draft Guiding Principles on promoting Good Governance in the Pharmaceutical Sector. This list of principles covers a series of general principles and core ethical values for all stakeholders. It is based on recognition by all participants of the need to go beyond bilateral relationships and to address the quintessential role of good governance in the pharmaceutical sector.

Adhering to principles of good governance, ethics and transparency, can have a profound positive impact on healthcare policy and practice, and ultimately on patient outcomes. This list will also contribute to ensure that patients receive proper treatment and are provided with relevant, factual and unbiased information.

EPF has been very involved in drafting these principles and the EPF board adopted them officially at their meeting on 19th November.  Please see attached a copy of the Guiding Principles.

EPF is in currently discussion with the Commission and other stakeholders regarding the wide dissemination of these Guiding Principles and will keep readers informed of developments in this area.

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