How to strengthen the patients’ perspective at EU and national level?

EPF Regional Advocacy Seminar will take place on 28-29 October 2013 in Zaghreb, Croatia. This year’s overarching theme is “How to strengthen the patients’ perspective at EU and national level?”.
The overall objective of this 6th Regional Advocacy Seminar is to provide patients’ organisations with tools to advocate effectively at European and national level. This way they will become empowered actors to build mutual understanding and cooperation with other stakeholders as well as identify mechanisms to be involved in policy-making processes through EPF.

The Seminar will be open for representatives of national patients’ organisations from Croatia, which joined the EU this month and EU candidate countries (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey).

This seminar is an important opportunity to address specific issues which we identify in close consultation with our members. The value of this approach has been strongly confirmed by the success of the previous four years in Lithuania (2008), Bulgaria (2009), Hungary (2010), Romania (2011) and Portugal (2012).

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