InterQuality: smarter financing, improved quality for patients

How to spend money efficiently in healthcare? The InterQuality project partners held a meeting on 24-25 May in Italy to pave the way of the answer. Started in December 2010 and led by the Medical University of Warsaw, the project intends to develop scientifically validated tools to help decision-makers choose the right financing mechanisms in different areas of healthcare systems. The meeting was the occasion to evaluate the results until now and to focus on theoretical deliverables. As one of the nine associate partners, EPF leads the dissemination of the project’s progress and results in close cooperation with CPME – the Standing Committee Of European Doctors. At the meeting, EPF presented the last dissemination tools: two newsletters, a leaflet draft, an updated project website, first interviews for a project documentary to be presented at the final conference, collaborative work with partners.

The next steps for EPF are the development of communication strategy guidelines on the implementation of innovative healthcare financing models. The final role of EPF will be the organisation of the project’s final conference in late 2013.

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