New steps regarding the Patient-MedTech Dialogue

Representatives from EPF and EUCOMED will join forces in a steering group to implement proposals and recommendations from the regular Patient-Medtech dialogue meetings that have taken place over the last two years. This decision emerges following the latest highly successful meeting on 21 November 2012.The role of the steering group will be to prepare the twice yearly meetings of the Patient-MedTech Dialogue Meetings to ensure they are as productive and effective as possible. The group will also implement the strategic proposals/ decisions made during the meetings to ensure appropriate follow-up and resonance within our respective organisations and with external stakeholders.

“The topics covered are at heart of EPF’s work - it is essential for us to be able to express the patients’ perspective to the MedTech industry. We need to raise awareness among our members regarding the  nature of the relationship between patients and the MedTech industry to contribute towards patient-centred healthcare, based on our core values on transparency and independence”, said EPF Director Nicola Bedlington.

Members of the steering group from EPF are Ian Banks (EMHF), Sophie Peresson (IDF, Europe), Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest (World Federation for Incontinent Patients – WFIP).
Members of the steering group from the medtech industry: Zeger Vercouteren (Johnson & Johnson), Nigel Talboys (Terumo BCT), Frank Thalau (Fresenius).

EPF was  invited to address the EUCOMED board on 23 January 2013 to describe its work and to discuss the direction of the Patient-MedTech Dialogue. The steering group will also meet on 21 February to agree terms of reference and to initiate its work.

The group will meet physically four times per annum, twice in conjunction with the Patient-MedTech Dialogue Meeting and twice via teleconference.

For more information, please contact Nicola Bedlington.