New website for the PaSQ Joint Action!

The European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ), launched in April 2012, is a three-year Joint Action co-financed by the European Commission under the Health Programme. A new website has been launched yesterday to provide information about the project and the partners but also about latest updates thanks to news and event sections.The Joint Action partners are the 27 EU Member States and a wide range of health stakeholder partners representing patients, doctors, nurses, dentists, health and hospital managers. It is led by the French Health Authority (HAS). 

EPF is an associate partner, representing the patients’ perspective and has a substantial role in all the core work packages.  The aim of the Joint Action is to support the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Patient Safety, and to consolidate the network for patient safety created under EUNETPAS in 27 Member States while enlarging cooperation to include quality issues. It will develop a sustainable platform for future collaboration and networking between Member States, international organisations and stakeholders. 

Work packages will focus identifying, evaluating and sharing existing good practices in patient safety through a mapping exercise with national stakeholders; developing an exchange mechanism for sharing good practices; and the implementation in some Member States of a number of good practices selected on the basis of agreed criteria. EPF’s contribution will center on sharing solutions around patient involvement and empowerment, which is a horizontal topic to be addressed by the Joint Action.

For detailed information see the PaSQ website,