Now it is the time for active citizenship!

Active Citizenship Network celebrated the 6th European Patients' Rights Day in Brussels, with a conference entitled "Active Ageing citizens at the centre of EU health policy", on 15-16 May 2012. The conference was fully focused on the European topic of the year “Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations”.  EPF board member Philip Chircop and Nicola Bedlington represented EPF at this event.

Insofar as the number of ageing citizens is rapidly increasing the issues of their access to health care services and the respect of their rights as patients are becoming central and extremely challenging. The objective of the conference was thus to demonstrate that part of the solution resides in a change of perspective vis-à-vis ageing citizens, from weak patients into "empowered users" of health care services, able to contribute to a better implementation of their rights. 

The main outcome of the conference has consisted in the production and the dissemination of 13 Recommendations to contribute to the empowerment and active participation of ageing citizens.

You can find these recommendations on CAN website.

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