PASQ project: focus on patient involvement and empowerment

The main objective of this joint action is to support the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Patient Safety. PaSQ unites representatives of the European medical community and the institutional partners involved in Patient Safety and Quality of Care in the Member States of the European Union.

Four priority areas were identified during the meeting:

  • Patient involvement / empowerment;
  • Reporting and learning /rapid alert systems; 
  • Quality improvement systems; 
  • Implementation of good clinical practices.

EPF coordinates the task in relation to patient involvement/empowerment and will develop a reference document mapping decision-making activities addressing Patient Safety and Quality of Care. The work in this area will rely on the good practices provided by the Members States and the European stakeholders in the PASQ project. It is expected that more knowledge and experiences focusing on health literacy will be available to professionals through an interactive platform.

The paper will include references to other projects emphasizing on patient participation: EUNetPaS, HANDOVER etc. as well as health policy legislation in the European Union. We will also draw upon our work in the “Empowering Patients in the Management of Chronic Diseases” tender.

For more information about the project, please contact EPF Project Officer Cristina Padeanu at