Patients voice their position on Medical Devices

Medical devices are of crucial importance for patients with chronic diseases. They can contribute to their life expectancy and quality of life. EPF releases our position paper to ensure the EU hears the recommendations of patients while reviewing the framework on Medical Devices.

EU patients are the users of medical devices, it is essential to ensure they have access to safe, high quality medical devices.

“Patients manage chronic conditions in everyday life. With this experience they are better able to contribute to safety and quality of devices. Hearing our voice in this debate is essential to ensure the Regulation provides the right structure as medical devices also have a key role to play for patient empowerment”, said Laurène Souchet, EPF Policy Adviser.

The European Commission has issued this proposal in September 2012. It will modernise the existing EU framework adopted in the 1990s and overcomes flows and gaps identified in terms of patient safety.

EPF has been engaged in the review process from the very onset. We responded to a Commission consultation in 2008, and participated in the EU exploratory process on medical devices. EPF is committed to ensuring that patient safety and quality of care as well a patients’ involvement remain the primary objectives of this review.

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