Platform on Transparency and Ethics: the Guiding principles are on-going

EPF Executive Director, Nicola Bedlington, attended the Platform on Transparency and Ethics on 4 June 2012. The aim of the meeting was to agree a terms of reference for the EU Platform on Transparency and Ethics. The participants also reviewed a draft document on Guiding principles on Transparency and Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Sector.
“These Guiding Principles have the potential to create a different canvas upon which different players in the pharmaceutical sector can collaborate in a transparent and ethical way in all EU countries”, signalled Nicola Bedlington.

There exist of course already various codes on ethics, transparency and   codes of conduct in general and which regulate the relationships between industry with various stakeholders.

EPF is committed to transparency and independence in all aspects of our work in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Framework for working with funding partners.

The added value of this process of producing Guiding Principles is that they will be endorsed by and engage all involved stakeholders.

The Drafting Committee intends to present the first draft during the summer 2012. We will keep you informed about developments in future issues of this eNewsletter.

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