Report on the European Health Policy Forum Gastein

The 15th edition of the European Health Policy Forum Gastein has closed its doors at the start of October. The details of the meeting are compiled in a report called “Investing in Health, Increasin Equity and Wealth”. The focus of Gastein 2012 was on “Crisis and Opportunity – Health in a time of Austerity”. This topic is crucial for EPF as the economic crisis and austerity measure are affecting patients and their rights negatively. EPF believe that the slashing of health budgets should halt as a knee jerk response to the crisis. The crucial element to be incorporated in future health care models is: the patient.

Please click here to read the previous news EPF has posted on the topic. In this article we took the opportunity to answer the core question Gastein 2012 addressed of “How health policy and healthcare systems are going to be shaped in the upcoming decades?”

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