The Future of European Public Health Research

EPF attended a workshop on public health research priorities for HORIZON 2020 in Brussels, on 20 January. This is part of our involvement, through EPF President Anders Olauson, in an independent expert group of the future of European Public Health Research.

The meeting aimed at outlining recommendations in a number of core areas. DG Research and Innovation asked the group to develop ‘out of the box’ answers to four questions:

  • How to best structure European Public Health research in the future?
  • How to develop stronger links and synergies between national research activities and policy agendas as well as EU funded research? 
  • How to improve the uptake of evidence generated from Public Health Research in the development of Public Health policy?
  • What should the future thematic priorities within Horizon 2020 be?

All ideas were collected in a master document to identify key recommendations. These were presented at the workshop to enable a broader forum of researchers in public health and stakeholders, including representatives of EPF, to provide feedback.

A report will emerge from these discussions around early March 2013.