The value of health in practice in Hungary

On 9 November a conference entitled “The Value of Health in Practice – from patient perspective” was held at the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) in Budapest, Hungary. More than one year of legal preparation of the National Patient Forum (NPF), which is the contact and advisory board of the State Secretariat for Healthcare, is almost completed.

The conference was co-organised by TREK an, aiming the collaboration among stakeholders of various professions and disciplines, and a customer-centric approach to foster the development of therapy management, providing better health services and a well-functioning health care.

The conference’s main topic was the sustainable and patients-centred healthcare and health economics as leading sectors. The organisers of the conference were the Preparatory Committee of National Patient Forum and the Association of Therapeutic Collaboration in the Healthcare (TEREK).

Among the speakers were dr. Miklos Szocska, EMMI state secretary for health, our Director Nicola Bedlington, , and dr. Zoltan Lantos, TEREK president.  The speakers pointed out the importance of the partnership with the responsible and competent patients, who are not any more a passive, uneducated and negligent “object’ of the healthcare system.

Dr. Gábor Pogány, the representative of the NPF Preparatory Committee underlined the involvement of patients – and their associations - in the sustainable operations of the sector from rulemaking to improving compliance.

EPF strongly supported the formation of NPF and the independent umbrella organisation as well: “We have seen in other countries the real and tangible added value of a patients’ coalition – it enables patient groups to speak with one strong and united voice at national level” said Nicola Bedlington, EPF Director.

This conference was warmly welcomed by the participants who saw in it an important step towards the improvement of Hungarian healthcare system and ultimately a better quality of life for Hungarian patients.